Channeling the likes of Ladytron, Giorgio Moroder, and Big Data, indie Cleveland electronic duo She 1 · Him 2 have released their second single of 2022, “Stuck Inside.”

The band features darkwave rocker Evan Nave (Lestat)  and Cassie Bishop (Shy Moon).  In an interesting pandemic-era experiment, all music and videos made by She 1 · Him 2 were created without either member seeing each other in person. For production duties, the duo once again teamed up with producer Michael Seifert (Tori Amos, Guided By Voices) for the project.  

“The theme involves getting stuck in thought patterns of negativity which drag us down and become habits,” says the band. “Then we need to figure out how to let go and break free.”

The futuristic video for the track features graphics by Steven Archer of Stoneburner and Ego Likeness. It’s an eerie effect, seeing disembodied heads singing in a zooming cyberspace. There are TRON-like elements, visualizing the data that appears in our consciousness at light speed. 

…And there’s a vocoder.

Watch the video for “Stuck Inside” below:

Over the past few years, the band released “Split the Line,” Spoken Words to Light” and a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame” featuring Steven Seibold (Hate Dept./Pigface). They are currently working on an EP slated for release in 2023.

Stuck Inside can be found at all electronic merchants and streaming services. 

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