Dark Electronic Duo Shad Shadows have unveiled their video for “Sad Bodies”, a track featured on their forthcoming third studio album Toxic Behaviours, set to come out this November through a joint release Wave Tension Records and Young & Cold Records.

Hailing from Ravenna, Italy. The Shad Shadows are comprised of Luca Bandini (voice, synth, drum machines) and Alessandra Gismondi (synth, vocals) who came together through a common love of obscure electronic music and began writing and recording their own brand of dark and gloomy sounds in the winter of 2014. The inspiration for this music came through exploring experimental electronic sounds, film soundtracks, and industrial dance sound of the 80s and 90s.

Since then, Shad Shadows have released two albums, Minor Blues on Disko Obscura and Nocturnal on Young & Cold Records. There was also an EP Fix released on Black Verb Records and tracks featured on tribute compilations for Wave Tension Records (Gary Numan tribute) and Wave Noir (Venus in Furs tribute).

Like its predecessor Nocturnal, which was a concept album about urban myths, and a dystopian society drowned into vertigo dreams, “Toxic Behaviours” is built around its own concept as well. Through its songs, it concentrates on the fundamental issue of whether rituals are a necessary part of all societies. Rituals in a classic sense, do not really exist in modern Western society, but some of these present-day routines repeated by individuals and groups have now become Toxic Behaviours in unexpected areas of our modern life. In its exploration of these modern rituals, the album examines the symbolism behind technological conquests, dead generations, urban violence, superficiality, and vanity.

Watch the video of one of these explorations, “Sad Bodies” below:

Toxic Behaviours will be released November 10th on tape by Wave Tension Records and on 12” vinyl by Young & Cold Records.

The album’s artwork design is by Marc Frijns (tape) and Michael Oswald (vinyl). The record was recorded at Silver Veins Studio and mastered by Daniel Hallhuber.

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