Dark alternative Pop quintet White Mansion groove in stereoscopic red and blue in their video for “Clear your Head”, the first single off their debut album Human.

The song is reminiscent of the best work from former Ultravox! John Foxx in more ways than one, with its cold synths overlaid by vocals that drive the point home, and visuals that showcase brilliant use of kinetic type,  while makeup is slowly applied to eyes, lips, and visage.

On the forthcoming album, singer Dusty Domino explains:

The main body of the work comes from within, a slow burn into the tortured relationships, the longing, lust and erotic despair that comes from love and the loss of self. These themes are punctuated by stadium filling drums and rhythms, mournful and passionate guitars with Lush synthesized sounds that swell to silence. To be Human is to be translucent and this album is a description of what it’s like to be wrestled from grace.

Watch the video below:


White Mansion’s Human is to be released on January 24th through Cold Transmission Music.

In the meantime, you can pick up the single, along with its 3 remixes, here.

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