Magnus Westergaard’s Dune Messiah—a Copenhagen based project named after the second book in Frank Herbert’s eponymous sci-fi series Dune—creates melancholic and well crafted neofolk that would fit well along side a playlist heavy on Current 93Westergaard had previously played guitar in Danish Post-Punk band The Woken Trees before migrating into the soundscapes of American folk and country fused with 80’s punk and noise featuring manic distortion and ominous synths interrupted by acoustic passages.

Photos by Katrine Marie Kragh

What You’ve Become is a fervid lament off of the upcoming album The Iron Oak. Regarding the album title Magnus states:

“The Iron Oak is a certain type of really tough tree, that can live for a long time despite all the extreme conditions. You can get that feeling as well as a human being, that even though you’ve been encountering pain and injustice you have the power to cynically live on.”

Cover-art by Norbert Strahl

The Iron Oak is out on vinyl and digital on March 3rd (pre-orders have already begun) through Premium Abundance (Copenhagen)Instruments Of Discipline (Berlin)and Third Coming Records (Paris)

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Video Credits:

Video: Madeleine Kate
Dancing man: Hans Henrik Kleinert
Direction: Magnus Westergaard
Costumes: Arjuna Thomassen

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