Dallas musician Semantix (aka Keaton Khonsari) announces a new release: the invigorating “Like A Dog,” the second single from Violent Protocol.  This exciting and hypnotic EBM instrumental follows “Mania In the Psychosphere”, combining EBM’s inherent catchiness with industrial techno’s edgy punches. The rhythmic, cyclical bass lines swell and release tension throughout the track, emitting grittiness, anxiousness, and paranoia with its samples of B-horror movies and old CIA interviews. If you find yourself chased by some shadowy G-men, this is the soundtrack.

As with the rest of the album, “Like A Dog” has no lyrics; Khonsari intentionally left interpretation of the music up to the listener. The album’s themes, however, are layered within the samples and atmosphere of the songs; ranging from violence, existential despair, confrontation, and power structures.

Listen below:

Keaton Khonsari (Narrow Head, Razorbumps) spent years in the Texas underground learning synthesis and production. Violent Protocol contains five original tracks, plus three remixes from DKA alumni Balvanera and Autumns – along with Orlando’s Mother Juno.  Find it via DKA Records.

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