[dropcap]Dais[/dropcap] Records have unearthed a treasure from the 80s Detroit underground—the collaboration of Brad Horowitz, Odell Nails, and singer Bob Sterner in the post-punk band Spahn Ranch.

A band soaked in gothic minimalism that perhaps if they were from the UK would have qualified them as being positive-punk, the band released their only album Thickly Settled in 1986, and on Insight Records run Eric Cope of Glorious Din and after adding bassist Hobey Echlin would go onto to perform with bands such as Killing Joke, Swans, and Psychic TV.

Dais Records is now releasing a compendium of the Spahn Ranch’s work entitled Back to the Wood—which is a collection of previously unreleased studio recordings, cassette rarities and select tracks from the long out of print Thickly Settled LP, “all remastered and supervised by Odell Nails and Brad Horowitz with exclusive liner notes from now rock music journalist Hobey Echlin, along with rare photos and other ephemera, released digitally and in a limited edition of 500 vinyl copies.”

Watch a trailer for a documentary on Spahn Ranch below:

1. B.A. Walk
2. Lo & Behold
3. Atonement
4. Thickly Settled
5. So Be It
6. Withering Rye
7. Ten Percent
8. Countdown (Original Version)
9. She Came To Know
10. Each Time Centered
11. Dissipation (It’s Only a Game Version)
12. Wonder and Perish



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