Dais Records To Release Retrospekt Walkman and 223 Cassette Compilation — Listen to New Songs from High Vis, RIKI, and Drew McDowall

In a move that is equal parts nostalgic and forward-thinking, Los Angeles-based label Dais Records is joining forces with analog revivalists Retrospekt to unveil a limited-edition marvel: the CP-81 portable cassette player. This chic white, rose-embellished beauty offers an auditory experience and an exclusive 19-track compilation cassette, 223, teeming with unreleased tracks from Dais’ eclectic artist roster.

This vintage delight will hit the stores on December 8, 2023. For the enthusiasts waiting with bated breath, you can pre-order it now.

A Look into the Past with a Modern Lens

Dais Records, the bastion of sonic innovation and visual prowess, has always celebrated the rich tapestry of music’s past while pushing its boundaries. It’s no wonder, then that this collaboration with Retrospekt feels so apt. With Retrospekt’s mission of “Reviving retro tech for a new generation,” the two giants seem to be in harmony.

Dais co-founders Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin wax poetic about the days when the tactile pleasure of cassettes reigned supreme. For them, the cassette isn’t a relic but a timeless piece.

Martin is adamant about the format’s enduring potency:

“Cassettes aren’t nostalgic, they’re relevant. Making a mix tape for a friend or love interest is a talismanic offering. It’s a reaching out, a sharing of discovery.”

For Miller, too, cassette culture was seismic; he continues to see singular strengths in the limitations of older technologies:

“Having a device solely dedicated to music may seem unique to a person today, but there’s also a purity in it. The ritual of hitting play. Feeling the hum of the machine. Flipping at the end of the side. Tapes changed everything for me.”

Retrospekt’s journey, spearheaded by Adam and Kori Fuerst, echoes this sentiment. Starting with refurbishing vintage cameras, they expanded their offerings to include tape players, Game Boys, and other nostalgic tech wonders.

 “These vintage machines aren’t obsolete – they still provide pleasure and enjoyment,” says Adam. “More and more people today realize this, and they want to have an organic, intentional experience without their metadata being tracked by some corporation.”

The Craft Behind the Cassette Player

Nathaniel Young, Dais’ in-house creative maven, has meticulously redesigned the CP-81, ensuring that both the player and packaging exude a touch of minimalist elegance. This edition is bundled with Dais headphones, ensuring that listeners experience the compilation tape, C23, in all its glory.

Features: Play, Fast-Forward, Rewind, Record, Microphone Jack, Headphone Jack, USB Power Supply (Type-C), Battery Operable. Contents: Cassette Player, 223 Cassette, 2x AA Batteries, Dais Headphones, User Guide.

The C23 compilation pays homage to the legendary UK indie tape collection C86, and boasts unreleased tracks from artists such as High Vis, RIKI, and Drew McDowall.

Listen to the first three released tracks below:

For the digitally inclined, the compilation will be accessible on streaming platforms from December 8 – you can pre-save it here.

Track List


High Vis – Forgot To Grow
High-Functioning Flesh – Down To Sense
Riki – SAS (For Those Who Speak And Spake)
Private World – Through The Distance
Body of Light – Out of Season (Demo Instrumental)
Helm – Evil Ceramics
Choir Boy – Happy to Be Bad With You (Demo)
Tor Lundvall – Black Fly Day
CoH – Vow a Vow
SPICE – I Don’t Want To Die In NY (Remix)


VR SEX – Runway Runaway (Demo)
Xeno & Oaklander – Hoplite (Demo)
Tempers – Camino Del Sol (Antena Cover)
Cold Showers – Sliver (Inner City Remix)
AURAGRAPH – No Control
ADULT. – Few Warnings Are Important (2003)
Drew McDowall – Animals Will Sing
SRSQ – Phantasmata
Cold Gawd – Gin (At The Mountain)

About Dais Records: From its inception in 2007, Dais Records has been a beacon for pioneering sounds ranging from darkwave and post-punk to ambient and industrial. Its 16-year journey showcases a fusion of old-school sensibilities with the cutting edge.

About Retrospekt: Hailing from Milwaukee, Retrospekt has been the go-to hub for analog aficionados. From vintage cameras to classic gaming consoles, they’ve rekindled the joys of yesteryears with a modern twist.

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