D E A T H B A G conjures up a psychedelic deathrock groove in the video for “Spell”, the tenebrous second single heralding the release of the project’s self-titled debut LP next month.

Functioning as the solo outlet for Washington DC-based Artist, DeeDee, D E A T H B A G summons a range of dark music influences that span the decades ranging from fuzz-laden garage rock to post-punk to gothic rock. This dark psychedelic sound is reminiscent of bands such as Christian Death, Dead Moon, Bauhaus, The Stooges, and VR Sex.

The music is characterized by themes of cult worship, societal collapse, and the existential dread looming from the immperance of our own mortality.

For D E A T H B A G’s second video debut “Spell”, videographer TJ Crymes employed an authentic 60’s Psych/Beat look to illustrate the proto-punk-driven feel of the track and lyrics inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Watch the video for “Spell” below:

D E A T H B A G’s self-titled debut album was written and recorded in DeeDee’s bedroom and brought to life with contributions from Nashville-based drummer and producer Dominic Billett. The songs garnered attention from Rennes, France-based label Swish Swash Records, who will be releasing the album on May 13th, 2022

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Live Dates:

May 14th at National Sokols Lodge in Bethlehem, PA

w/ Dion Lunadon (Ex- A Place to Bury Strangers)

and Haldol (Play Alone Records).

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