Fresh off a European tour, with an appearance at the world’s largest Goth Festival, Wave Gotik Treffen, Sacramento post-punk band Creux Lies have unveiled their lyric video for “Made”.

With it’s marching percussion, and it’s practically monastic choral reverb, “Made” is a new song following from the band’s critically acclaimed debut LP The Hearth, and a worthy successor to that album’s single “Portals”, which was one of the best tracks of 2018.

Frontman Ean Clevenger had this to say about “Made”, and it’s referencing of Mafiosa mythology, like in the films of Scorsese or Coppola, as well as the criminal anti-hero rebelling against a corrupt government, such as Robin Hood, or Ned Kelly:

“The Mafia allure (especially through cinema) on my childhood crept its way into my headspace during the production of this one. This song reflected and felt like its own scene outside of “The Hearth,” so we held on to it for later. Nonetheless, Made lives in the nexus point of the prevailing political landscape and my psychic scream. It identifies itself through the term for a certain kind of new criminal culture I would like to see. Something like mythology akin to Yorkshire’s hood – this song is a gesture to the rabble-rousers who are ready to party harder than the new Hobbian leviathans breaching here in the west. No more tilting at windmills, let’s get down.”

Watch the lyric video for “Made” below:

“Made” is now available digitally via Creux Lies’ official Bandcamp page here. Meanwhile, there are still some limited edition red vinyl of The Hearth available as well—order your copy here while they last.

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