Milwaukee post-punk outfit Convert blurs the lines between goth rock and electronic music into something that not only sounds fresh and timely. Each respective member – vocalist Dillon Hallen, bassist Richie Murry, guitarist Sam Sharkey, drummer Ben Davison, and synth wizard Mick Cleary, has spent time playing in a variety of different punk-adjacent acts over the last decade, including Burning Sons, Get Rad, Assault & Battery and Cry Coyote.

Their debut full-length Saves, co-released via Triple Eye Industries, Forge Again Records, and Dog and Pony Records in 2022, sold out their first vinyl pressing within a month. With influences like Killing Joke, Fields of the Nephilim, Fear, and Alien Sex Fiend, the band revamped the classic sound with something uniquely their own. A repress of Saves will finally become available again on white vinyl on March 3rd, 2023.

Stream the album below and pre-order here.

The band also enlisted a handful of electronic producers to remix and re-imagine material off their debut EP, resulting in Unrestrained Remix, filtered through the lens of film soundtrack composers like Nicholas Elert, electro dance producers Blood, and noise-rappers Guerrilla Ghost, to name a few. The album was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

With this project, Convert continues to hybridize their sound even further into electronics and synth culture in a lawless world.

Here is the album track listing:

  1. Concrete Life (Nicholas Elert Remix)
  2. Watch it Burn (Blood Remix)
  3. Death Mask (Cellmate Remix)
  4. Bleached Bones (łVic Daggerł Remix)
  5. Cold Motive (Guerrilla Ghost Remix)
  6. Nighbursts (TransAmvania Remix)
  7. Slow Choke (łVic Daggerł Remix) – Bandcamp-only Bonus Track
  8. Slow Choke (THTHRD Remix)- Bandcamp-only Bonus Track

You can pre-order the Unrestrained Remix EP here.

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