Synth Project Blind Delon has premiered their video for “Rule III”, a track taken from their upcoming new record Discipline.

 The track—although written and composed by the band—is an all star collaboration with lyrics and vocals by Kris Baha and Lapse of Reason (half of Imperial Black Unit), guitars by Incendie, and synths by rising techno star I Hate Models.

The video was also filmed by Timothée Gainet, who is also behind the Parisian synth project Poison Point, which releases records through German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe.

Watch Below:

Blind Delon was founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz—a French artist who draws his energy from coldwave and synthwave references channeled through the use of ancient synthesizers, icy bass lines and black romanticism, all combined with a raw elegance and melancholy.

After releases on Bordello A Parigi, Oracùlo, Khemia (with Schwefelgelb & HIV+) and She Lost Kontrol (with Black Egg), Blind Delon are prepared to release new EPs in 2019, through Tripalium Corp (“drugs” EP feat. HIV+), Intervision and Tonn Recordings.

Today the band have announced the release of Discipline, a deep synthwave exploration captured in six skillfully crafted movements.

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