This is the face you saw a thousand times
But barely resembles the one I had

Winter Severity Index is a cold wave duo headed by Simona Ferrucci, with Valentina Fanigliulo, a.k.a. Mushy, and Alessandra Romeo.

The band mixes a plethora of influences, from 80s synthwave to more disjointed shoegaze, with elements of trip-hop and electronica with a strong, melancholic melody, particularly true of their cinematic new single, “Another Woman.” The track, sounding like something from the Blade Runner universe, comes off the album Disgelo, through Manic Depression Records.

The accompanying video, shot and directed by Francesco Pennìca and edited by Alessandra Romeo, is a sensuous monochromatic stop motion of the band interspersed with growing crystalline vines and stalactites. It’s hypnotic, strange, and beautifully filmed; a wonderful homage to the surrealist film style of Jan Svankmajer.

Watch the video for “Another Woman”, below:

Winter Severity Index has shared the stage with The Chameleons UK, Lene Lovich, Tropic of Cancer, and Lebanon Hanover. They’ve appeared at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, and performed in important locations for contemporary art, such as MAXXI Museum in Rome and Studio Hrdinů in Prague, in the Národní Galerie.

The name of the new album Disgelo, deliberately written in Italian to underline the two musicians’ intimate and personal urge to express themselves through its contents, is connected with the idea of change. (Thaw but also detente) is about the necessity of adaptation to new phases that unavoidably occur in everyone’s existence.

“This process emerges in all its difficulties but also in its fascinating aspects: farewells, passages of time, death, cosmic cycles, climate changes, but also the insuppressible urge of discovery and confrontation, the opening to love and new relationships, everything related with putting ourselves under question with the unavoidable consequence of a deeper self awareness and a true admission of responsibility in our choices,” says the band.

Disgelo is out now on CD and vinyl via Manic Depression and Icy Cold Records.

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