After leaving 4AD records following the release of their seventh studio album Heaven or Las Vegas, dream pop legends Cocteau Twins would release two more records before the band’s dissolution in 1997.

Four Calendar Cafe (1993) and Milk and Kisses (1996) were released along side several EPs and singles, which for years were sought by collectors who had previously bought the highly coveted 4AD singles box and the more recent Lullabies to Violaine set.

Now fans will be able to acquire the Snow, Otherness, and Twinlights EPs, along with all of the b-sides that come with the “Bluebeard”, “Evangeline”, “Tishbite”, and “Violaine” singles, along with live radio sessions and rarities, such as the Cocteau Twins’ hard to come by final song release “Touch Upon Touch”.

Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years, remastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes and approved by band co-founder and Guitarist Robin Guthrie.

The four-disc, 53-track box set is due out October 12th. It can be pre-ordered via Amazon or PledgeMusic.

The collection comes in a “sturdy box” with a booklet that includes photos, sleeves notes by Chris Roberts and a discography.

See the full tracklist below.

Tracklist: Cocteau Twins, Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years

Disc 1: Four-Calendar Café

  1. “Know Who You Are at Every Age
  2. “Evangeline”
  3. ‘Bluebeard”
  4. “Theft, and Wandering Around Lost”
  5. “Oil of Angels”
  6. “Squeeze-Wax”
  7. “My Truth”
  8. “Essence”
  9. “Summerhead”
  10. “Pur”

Disc 2: Milk & Kisses

  1. “Violaine”
  2. “Serpentskirt”
  3. “Tishbite”
  4. “Half-Gifts”
  5. “Calfskin Smack”
  6. “Rilkean Heart”
  7. “Ups”
  8. “Eperdu”
  9. “Treasure Hiding”
  10. “Seekers Who Are Lovers”

Disc 3: EPs and B-Sides

  1. “Mud and Dark” (Evangeline EP)
  2. “Summer-blink” (Evangeline EP)
  3. “Winter Wonderland” (Snow EP)
  4. “Frosty the Snowman” (Snow EP)
  5. “Three Swept” (Bluebeard single)
  6. “Ice-Pulse” (Bluebeard single)
  7. “Bluebeard (Acoustic Version)” (Bluebeard single)
  8. “Rilkean Heart” (Twinlights EP)
  9. “Golden-Vein” (Twinlights EP)
  10. “Pink Orange Red” (Twinlights EP)
  11. “Half-Gifts” (Twinlights EP)
  12. “Feet Like Fins” (Otherness EP)
  13. “Seekers Who Are Lovers” (Otherness EP)
  14. “Violaine” (Otherness EP)
  15. “Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)” (Otherness EP)
  16. “Tishbite” (Tishbite single)
  17. “Primitive Heart” (Tishbite single)
  18. “Flock of Soul” (Tishbite single)
  19. “Round” (Tishbite single)
  20. “An Elan” (Tishbite single)

Disc 4: B-Sides, Radio Sessions and Rarities

  1. “Smile” (Violaine single)
  2. “Tranquil Eye” (Violaine single)
  3. “Circling Girl” (Violaine single)
  4. “Alice” (Violaine single)
  5. “Circling Girl” (Volume Track)
  6. “Touch Upon Touch” (Volume Track)
  7. “Serpentskirt” (Mark Radcliffe Session, 12 March 1996)
  8. “Golden-Vein” (Mark Radcliffe Session, 12 March 1996)
  9. “Half-Gifts” (Mark Radcliffe Session, 12 March 1996)
  10. “Seekers Who Are Lovers” (Mark Radcliffe Session, 12 March 1996)
  11. “Calfskin Smack” (Robert Elms Session, 10 April 1996)
  12. “Fifty-Fifty Clown” (Robert Elms Session, 10 April 1996)
  13. “Violaine” (Robert Elms Session, 10 April 1996)

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