On October 1st, 1982, Scottish post-punk act Cocteau Twins released their first EP Lullabies. The record was issued only a month after their debut LP Garlands, but had a deeper intensity and more driving sound.

Lullabies was recorded at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland and was mixed at Blackwing Studios in London, where sound engineer John Fryer was working between Mute and 4AD releases.


  1. “Feathers-Oar-Blades”
  2. “Alas Dies Laughing”
  3. “It’s All But an Ark Lark”

This was the second to last release to feature the band’s original bassist Will Heggie, who after performing on the following up EP Peppermint Pig, would join up with members of Dead Neighbors to form Low Life.

Lullabies wast the first disc to be included in Cocteau Twin’s EP and 1991 singles collection box set, and its cover of a woman cartwheeling into the shape of a lily was embossed on the box.

The images below appeared in Lilliput Pocket Omnibus 1937/3—a humorous publication produced by photojournalist, author, and filmmaker Stefan Lorant. The magazine was known for Lorant’s juxtapositions of images for political or aesthetic effects. The left photo of the dancer was taken by Dr. Krohn from Praha (Prague). The photo on the right was taken by Felix Man.

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