To celebrate the first anniversary of Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, announces a special extended edition arriving on 29th October on Blu-ray. The new edition features four bonus songs: Elizabeth Fraser, formerly of Cocteau Twins, has joined the electronic producer for a reworking of “Tales From the Trash Stratum”. Although more known for collaborations in the pop world and cinematic scoring, Lopatin reaches into the dream world for this compellingly bizarre melding of genres.

The ethereal remix of Tales From The Trash Stratum whisks together a disjointed, staticky composition; the feeling of EVPs emanating through a spirit box. The original version featured glitching synths; in the version with Fraser, the experimental spirit of Cocteau Twins is echoed with plucked strings and keys, overlaid by Fraser’s stunning vocals. The track also has a spellbinding accompanying visual, created by Robert Beatty.

Watch below:

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never followed 2018’s Age Of. In between albums, Daniel Lopatin scored the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems.

Stream “Tales From The Trash Stratum” here.

New Tracklisting:

Cross Talk I
Auto & Allo
Long Road Home
Cross Talk II
I Don’t Love Me Anymore
Bow Ecco
The Whether Channel
No Nightmares
Cross Talk III
Tales From The Trash Stratum
Answering Machine
Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys
Lost But Never Alone
Wave Idea
Nothing’s Special
Lost But Never Alone (A.G. Cook Remix)
Tales From The Trash Stratum (Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser)
Nothing’s Special (Oneohtrix Point Never & ROSALÍA)
Lost But Never Alone (Forced Smile Edit)

Featured photo by Heji Shin

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