If my first meal of the day is as they say “Amphibian”

I suppose it may take a while

Watch me waste each hour away to my dismay

Nothing is done although I watched the news and perhaps ran a mile

Salt Lake City’s post-punk angels Choir Boy have mined out a real gem from their second studio album, Gathering Swans. The long-awaited video for the audial banquet Eat The Frog, created during quarantine, is a surreal 80s kaleidoscope of lo-fi splendour, with green screen antics aplenty, copious use of wigs, and a little video magic to create an illusion.

“Nobody could come over to play, so I had to borrow some wigs from a friend and pretend to be the whole band,” quips lead singer Adam Klopp. “So bored of me, I got to be them. Some of their clothes fit me really well, too. I also did some light animations which took a long time due to my inexperience and poor stamina.”

Lack of experience pays off in charm factor. The result is a bizarre clip that juxtaposes rather bizarrely with the morose lyrics of the track. An emotionally powerful and poignant song, gently steeped in nostalgia for pop in the tender vein of Talk Talk, Roxy Music, Tears For Fears, and Thomas Dolby, Choir Boy push their distinctive sound further with Eat The Frog.

Choir Boy evolved from singer Adam Klopp’s solo project into a lineup featuring bassist Chaz Costello, saxophonist and keyboardist Jeff Kleinman, and guitarist Michael Paulsen. Gathering Swans builds upon Choir Boy’s infectiousness with repetitive, layered vocal hooks and emotional lyrics that fade into the ether. Eat The Frog translates desire into an emotional maturity: the equivalent to sitting atop a hillside, just outside of the city, gazing at the sunset on a warm summer night.

The LP was recorded and produced by Bly Wallentine and mastered by Josh Bonati.

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Gathering Swans is out now via DAIS records. Order here.

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