Chicago post-punk quartet Ganser have released the video for their new single “Pastel”, a self produced collage of vintage Americana that seemingly captures the self involved post-war vanity of an epoch that never really ended.

Indeed, “Pastel,” explores what the band refer to as “the sticky-sweet, repulsive need for attention,” which permeate our “parasocial relationships” in this era of distorted social media interactions and intimacy that has given validity to Andy Warhol’s hypothesis of “15 minutes of fame”, but maybe perhaps people stopped watching after 3 minutes, or 30 seconds, if they are even watching at all.

With lyrics that are half boasting (“My blood’s thicker, redder than yours”), and half frightened (“Hungry to show anyone anything at all”) Pastel details the collective consumption of self when everyone is an audience, and everyone a performer.

Everything is happening all the time, and isn’t that terrifying?

Ganser by Kirsten Miccoli

Time to go to your analyst due to those poor analytics?

But in the meantime, “Pastel” is out October 19th, 2018, through No Trend Records. Visit Ganser’s bandcamp here.

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