LA’s premiere dream pop band Chasms are moving full steam ahead, issuing another track from their upcoming LP The Mirage, set for release on February 22nd via Felte. “Every Heaven in Between” is the third track released from the LP, and the most hypnotic yet. Listen below:

The track begins with a series of stark, reverb drenched snare hits before Jess Labrador’s mesmerizing guitar line takes hold, quickly unfolding into a dubby electronic soundscape centered around Sky Madden’s bass and Labrador’s heavenly vocals. As on their previous single “Shadow,” the band continues their explorations into the outer reaches of dream pop, further incorporating delicate electronica and techno into their already expansive sound. “Every Heaven in Between” slowly builds into an electronic frenzy that channels 808 State and Autechre’s pioneering work, complete with a 30-second percussive loop that enhances the song’s ethereal tones as they take hold once more.

Labrador offers this piece of insight into the song’s lyrics:

“The song is about being desperate to reach those who have left this world, wanting so badly to reach them by whatever means necessary, crossing through the realms and heavens that separate us – and yet, of course, being unable to. After someone passes, it can feel as if it were all a dream. If someone is no longer here in this moment, were they ever? We only have memory for reference and that can be unreliable.”

Stay tuned for more from Chasms in the weeks to come, and in the interim, be sure to pre-order a copy of The Mirage, which comes in a variety of formats.

Photo by Jess Garten.


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