Arising from the hills north of San Diego County are Coldwave Duo Mannequin, who have unveiled their video for the title track from their forthcoming debut studio album From a Distance—which is out next month on Belgian label sentimental.

Helmed by the creative minds of David San German and Taylor Allen, Mannequin conjures brooding post-punk basslines which are overlaid with hauntingly sad vocals—tempered by warm multi-layered synth melodies that resonate like the haze of a lingering dream.

Shimmering through a lens awash in chromatic aberration coupled with a super 8 camera, the song “From a Distance” is an idyllic and whimsical daydream, resonating with the wistful beauty of summer’s past guided in its reverie by a rollerskating avatar of Harlequin from Commedia dell’arte.

Watch the video below:

Following their debut release ‘Singles/Faction’ (sentimental, 2017) and their EP ‘Nocere’ (2019), Mannequin are set to release their first full-length studio album From A Distance on January 10th via sentimental.

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