The Infinity Ring project explores esoteric and otherworldly corners lurking within the post-punk and post-industrial continuum. Centered around core songwriter Cameron Moretti and a cast of co-conspirators, the project serves as a vessel for transmuting various elements of experimental sound into a single unified spiritual work.

Drawing heavily from neofolk, art rock, and darkwave, The Infinity Ring’s music straddles many stylistic archetypes, yet strives to present “only modern synthesis.” Channeling Current 93, Nick Cave, and the ghost of Leonard Cohen, Moretti deftly weaves a unique sonic tapestry of dark sounds, evoking a murky cultural memories and primal urges.

There were, however, several songs that worked in unison – but not necessarily the oeuvre for The Infinity Ring. Moretti decided to release the misfit tracks as a solo effort instead. The resulting EP, I dreamt it. Did it happen? (Funeral Party) explores these themes. One song, The Drum, is a hypnotic incantational lament, deeply human, deeply emotional.

The Drum is a song about self-development spiritually, emotionally, personally, and the internal frustration that comes with that journey,” says Moretti.

Check out The Drum below.

You can also stream the track on Spotify here.
*Photo Credit Eddie Andre

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