Will you be the one who still

Loves me when the world will end

Will you kiss on my lips

When all this ends and we’re holding hands

Budapest, Hungary is the home of the post-punk/shoegaze outfit Choke City. After dropping three singles since 2021, and publishing a live set recorded at the House of Arts in Szekszárd, the band is ready to make their debut on Budapest-based Corbata Records.

Blending a melancholy oeuvre with heavy, sonic textures, their expansive new album Pleasures draws heavily from the hard rock sound from 90s alternative – namely Pixies, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, and even shades of U2, and bringing it into a vaguely psychedelic sphere. Their style can be best described as abstract visions, blending post-punk and all flavours of wave. A pinch of heaviness emphasizes the introverted vibes of their emotional lyrics.

Delightfully unexpected key changes, an anthemic chorus, and ringing guitars drive “Cafuné”. The stoic “This Kind of Love” is a breakup number and apology; an admission of shortcomings. Devotion (Always On The Run) is a heart-melting love song about turmoil…and finding peace in the arms of a loved one. “Aphrodite” is a fool’s game; leaping into the unknown driven by faith and love.

Listen below:

Choke City originated as a creative outlet for Barnabás Kiss (Chief Rebel Angel/Polly Is Dead) and Richárd Géczi (Plastic Bitch). They rounded out their sound with the addition of Gáspár Binder (Haw/Torn From Earth) and Szabolcs Szűcs (Superbutt).

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