“I wanted this track to embody a sense of frivolity and queer expression that I associate with a city like San Francisco,” Brixx, the Melbourne-based producer explains. “I had the idea after watching an investigative news report from the 1980s which failed comically in trying to analyze queer relationships.”

“Double Axe,” with its pulsating new beat tempo, is akin to the proto-techno genius of Micro Chip League or Robotiko Rejekto who were known for their prominent undulating synths over a snappy, addictive beat in the late 1980s. Brixx’s new EP, Conversion Therapy, that’s out on September 21st, is an EBM bassline-fueled collection of songs that are inspired by deliciously crude cinema such as David Lynch and body horror movies such as 1989’s Society. It’s sound—both addictive and bright—clasps onto an ominous feeling that will sustain the dancefloor.

The music video for “Double Axe” draws upon the visual themes of body horror, Max’s Headroom, and the era in 1980s technology that utilized VHS tracking and pixelated computer screens—a time when technological anxiety ensued just before the advent of the internet. Alex Akers of the synth duo Forces collaborated with Brixx to create the brightly colored montage that rhythmically feeds on itself. “‘Double Axe’ is a very driving track and very propulsive but it’s also very open and induced a sense of floating, so I wanted to convey that visually,” Akers comments about the video. 

“Double Axe” is a concise, unbelievably danceable track—one that’s bound to find its way in the foggy confines of the dark club’s walls. Pre-order Conversion Therapy out via Heavy Machinery Records here:

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