The concept of infinite consciousness inspired DAAY’s new track, aptly named “Forever”.

Formed in 2019, the six-piece British band takes a cue from John Grant, Tom Waits, and Primal Scream, as well as contemporaries like The Horrors, as they challenge more adult themes in their work, particularly philosophic contemplation.

Gleefully experimenting with samples, jazz, pop, and psychedelia, Forever takes the chaotic trip-hop/space jazz infusion of the 90s into a dazzling new direction that defies genre as well as the time-space continuum. We’re here in 2021, DAAY is perched somewhere in 3031 South London, transmitting sonic signals through a cosmic wormhole with Forever. This is a euphoric dreamscape, disguised as pop.

‘‘Forever moves us forward…in a way that forces us to reconcile with the situation of our being after we’ve woken up,” says founder Alex Barty-King.

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