The Slashes, a Border Goth trio from San Diego, announce an eerie new song: “My Empty Case.” Bringing us a spooky concoction of lush guitars, gloomy melodies, and dreamy vocals, the song sounds like a heady combination of The Damned, Killing Joke, and Roxy Music. Rene’s deep croon anchors the spooky vibe, as the track meanders through a dark labyrinth of sound. It’s a little gothy, a little New Wave, with a catchy vibe overall.

The band has spun a little backstory that continues an overarching narrative in their description of the new single “My Empty Case:

“The Protagonist has left Rome and pulled the perfect Valentine Slip – Now he’s on the quest for something different, whether it’s the change of seasons from summer to fall or the conquest of a new flame-Either way, he has to leave his coffin…”

Listen to “My Empty Case” below:

The Slashes include Esteban Rene (vocals/guitar), Beto Bautista (bass), and Carlos Robles (drums). They released their self-titled debut album in 2015, produced by Alan Sanderson (The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello). Since then, they have been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Rock. They’ve played numerous shows around Southern California at notable venues like The Observatory in Santa Ana, the legendary Rainbow Bar in LA, and The Casbah in San Diego.

In 2018, they recorded “City By” with Ben Moore of Singing Serpent Studios in early 2019, and released the single on all streaming platforms before returning to New York for the second round of shows.

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