Black Asteroid has announced a collaborative effort with industrial legends Front Line Assembly: the raw, visceral, and experimental new single “Methane Rain”. The track is the second from their upcoming EP, Flesh, due out next month.

The mastermind of Black Asteroid, 90s industrial pioneer Bryan Black (Haloblack), decided to return to his roots with this EP, eschewing the usual 4/4 techno and embracing live bass. He recruited Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly to provide vocals for “Methane Rain”, bringing a sinister edge to a track that is a return to the creative nexus that gave birth to Black Asteroid.

“In a moment when techno has left the underground and become an EDM parody of itself, I instead decided to experiment with live instruments, vocals, and slower BPMs,” Black explains.

Methane Rain blends the raw earmarks of Cabaret Voltaire, and Human League –  at times sounding like a Ministry interpretation of Seconds; it has a hypnotic beat and sludgy baselines, with 80s voice distortion and pounding drums keeping time. A solid collaboration between two industrial stalwarts.

Listen below:

Black’s career began in Minneapolis, and over the years he has worked with Prince and Depeche Mode as well as soundtracking for Raf Simons and Rick Owens.

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