Berlin post-punk act Kamoos have unveiled their video for “Slow Demise (of the Brain and the Bust)”—their second single following their debut “X-Ray Me”—both issued on Duchess Box Records.

Kamoos was formed in Berlin when British expat Juliette and Berliner Vivi, both of whom had played in scene garage bands, decided to team up and start a group together, with the pair eventually enlisting their Drummer Felix some months later.

Channeling the 60’s vibes that infused NYC post-punk bands during the early 2000s revival, “Slow Demise (of the Brain and the Bust)” is a dark ballad of gritty guitars, thick sauntering bass-lines, and catchy vocals with a caustic groove—augmented by the pulp noir vibes of visuals resembling  a seedy motel.

Watch the video below:

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