Shedding their previous guise as Rán, Berlin Duo City At Dark are conjuring shadows from within in their high contrast, smokey, seedy, noir-esque track “Trash”. The song is culled from the project’s long-awaited debut album via their new label Snowhite Records, set for release this autumn.

City At Dark consists of the Viennese artist Laura Landergott (Ja, Panik) and the composer/guitarist Yair Karelic (Mystical Communication Service) from Tel Aviv—along with their playful brilliance and captivating lascivious black-and-white pop-noir aesthetics.

Of the new single, the band explains:

“TRASH is the first single of our upcoming self titled album to be released through Snowhite Records on Nov 8th, 2019. For this track we deliberately reduce beat arrangements, numerous atmospheric sound layers over nostalgic vocals to create a melancholic mood. The song is about someone who deals with their inner demons – their “dark desire”. We hope you like it”

Listen to “Trash” below

City At Dark’s 10 debut-album was produced together with Dirk Feistel (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) in Studio X in Berlin.

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