She Lies are a charismatic disco wave outfit from Berlin. Anni serves up vocals; Ele helms samplers. Michel (Rework), the label boss of exlove, joins them on synths. Anni and Ele, former roommates and friends since childhood, share their musical ideas and inspirations before starting to record their new wave-inspired songs.

She Lies’ dreamy third EP release Everything is out now. With this release, the band expresses themselves with rhythms that are deeply manic, synth-driven Krautwave bangers; adjusted with catchy girl vocals and analogue synth lines. Drawing inspiration from the luminaries that started it all, the disco reverie of She Lies is heavily influenced by the music of Neu!, New Order, Suicide, and many more.

The EP’s title track, and opener, “Everything,” uses expressive synth patterns and New Order-esque string sounds within drum machine patterns. “Alone Again” is an uptempo dance track with staccato robotic synth lines and an immersive beat. The album closes with “My Disco”, describing a personal end of disco times with an ongoing synth arpeggiator and a Kraftwerk-influenced melody line.

Listen to the Everything EP below:

This is their third EP recording on Exlove records, the new label run by the masterminds from REWORK (Playhouse, My Favorite Robot, Exlove). Even if they don’t find much time in the studio together, She Lies plans on releasing their full-length debut in the near future.

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