Berlin own Deathrock quartet Totenwald, have just finished their trek through the West Coast of the USA, promoting their ironically named new EP Forward to the Past.

The new EP is a followup to Totenwald’s positive punk opus Dirty Squats And Disco Lights which featured the infectious single “Shadows in Paradise.”

Forward to the Past is a diverse mix of darkwave punk, driven by cold drum machine beats, saxophone, crunching post-punk guitars, and powerful melodic vocals.

The title of the EP is a sarcastic reference to the current 80s revival, which comes not only with fashion and music styles, but also with the return of Cold War-era politics—there is even a track titled “1984”, while the EP closes with the boldly titled gothic-rock ballad “Kristallnacht”, which takes the timeline even further back.

“History Repeats”

The EP’s four tracks self-recorded in May 2019, mixed by Pierre Somville and mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanszek Audio. A self-released cassette tape has been made available for those who attended the West Coast tour.

In the meantime, you can listen to and purchase the EP via Bandcamp below:


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