One of the most talented post-punk bands to come out in recent years is undeniably Belgium’s Whispering Sons. Named after the track by Danish minimal synth group Moral, Whispering Sons furthered their connection to the world of rare post-punk afficandos by being championed by Weyrd Son records Michael Thiel (whose father is Marcel of Snowy Red).

Despite gaining a considerable following throughout Europe, the five piece from Brussels has not yet released a full length LP, with the band’s six track EP Endless Party (featuring the fantastic tracks “Time”, and “Wall”) being the stand in—until now.

Ahead of the release of band’s debut LP IMAGE this October, we are glad to premiere the dark kaleidoscopic vision that is “Waste”, that sets the tone of what is to follow in the new LP.

As a torturous obsession that is desperately gnawing from the inside, ‘Waste’ slowly builds to the fatal point of collapsing. 

IMAGE is set for release on October 19th.

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After an appearance this month at renowned gothic festival M’era Luna, the band are set to open for the The Soft Moon during a series of dates in Spain and Portugal, before going a series of German dates in November in support of the new album’s release.

Live Dates:

  • October 10th The Soft Moon + Whispering Sons – (Barcelona)
  • October 11th The Soft Moon + Whispering Sons (Madrid)
  • October 12th The Soft Moon + Whispering Sons in Lisbon
  • October 13th The Soft Moon + Whispering Sons in Porto

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