Belgian darkwave duo Skemer have unveiled two tracks so far this October from their debut LP Benevolence.

The first track, “Sunseeker” is both dreamlike and cinematic in its accompanying video, highlighting the modeling background of singer Kim Peers, known for her work with Vogue, Steven Meisel, Prada, and more.

Together with guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove of post-metal band Amenra, the pair conjure almost furtive HR Giger-esque images wrapped in a peep-show vignette, to something more archaically Gothic—evoking the mood and atmosphere of Eiko in Coppola’s Dracula, meets the body horror of David Cronenberg, or perhaps something akin to Johanather Glazer’s Under the Skin.

Regardless of what sensual imagery alluded to from the annals of celluloid, the music’s droning dark melodies are haunting and infectious, not unlike whatever parasitic organism is devouring Peers and Vandekerckhove seemingly from the inside out.

Watch the video for “Sunseeker” below:

The next single from the album, “Rhoeas”, takes its name from the Greek word for red, conjures all the blood churning passion evoked from darkest and iciest synth-laden tracks culled from the playlists of the ongoing cold wave revival.

Listen below:

A constant theme in the music of Skemer is duality, which is aptly reflected in the band’s name, which next to its obvious English meaning of an ‘intriguer’ who plots, also stands for ‘dusk’ in Mathieu’s native tongue West-Flemish, as well as in their debut album.

Skemer’s Benevolence is out October 25 On Avant! Records on a 500 copy limited edition Vinyl LP
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