Belgian darkwave act Such Beautiful Flowers make its debut with “Neon Gloom”, the first video taken from the band’s 4 track cassette EP of the same name.

Such Beautiful Flowers is the brainchild of Donny Woestenborghs, the front-man of European hardcore punk outfit Midnight Souls. But where the rest of this five-piece reinvented themselves as shoegazing indie darlings New Moon, Donny has decided to tread a darker synth-laden path with his new project.

Neon Gloom descends into the proto-EBM Belgian sonic spaces of early Front 242, and the Neon Judgment, while matching production with such contemporaries as Australian Producer Buzz Kull all together infusing the resulting synth-dominated beats into something distinctly 21st-century darkwave.

Brimming with dark romanticism, lyrically the EP’s four tracks paint a bleak picture of love, truth, and existence amongst the ruins of a postmodern world. You know—just an average day in the life during these increasingly tenebrous times.

Watch the video for “Neon Gloom” below:

Such Beautiful Flowers is expected to make its live debut this November and December.

The EP, recorded and mixed at MuchluvStudio’s (Brutus, Fär), and mixed at AudioSiege (Stranger Things OST, Ceremony, Touché Amoré) is a starting point and only gives us a glimpse of what is yet to come from Woestenborghs’ new project.

Neon Gloom will be released on the 12th of October (Cassette Store Day) by Belgian label Wool-E Tapes, a label well known for releasing the debut EP by Belgian post-punk wonder-kids Whispering Sons.

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