Belgian coldwave band Twilight Ritual has been around since the first analogue synthesizers were commercialized. After Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne joined forces in 1981 with their first outfit, Autumn. This initial outfit built their music around integrity, clearer identity, the admittance of mystery, and surreal impressions. During Autumn’s recording sessions, the pair’s musical style and experiment varied strongly, but some tracks had a stronger personality than others. Coppens and Bonne then went on to form Twilight Ritual a year later, leaving a legacy that has inspired countless musicians around the globe. Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne have themselves been involved in many different projects in concurrence with Twilight Ritual.

In 1985, Peter Boone (aka Chrismar Chayell) founded A Split Second with Marc Ickx, and Twilight Ritual remained on the back burner for years. The group, however, recorded nine albums and two singles over the course of their nearly four-decade creative alliance. The work of the band is diverse, yet concise.  They continue to create new material, explore new styles, and perform live. 

The original Rituals album, with its hit Closed Circuit, is now a collector’s item. This Best Of release is the first to give an overview of the musical history of the band, including material never before released, as well as tracks considered essential.

The pair finally gave the classic track Closed Circuit a self-directed video, a monochromatic psychedelic journey of both the mind and the railway, beautifully illustrating the eeriness of the synth track.  Watch below:

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  • THE BEST OF is a two-CD compilation has songs from all of Twilight Ritual’s phases. 34 tracks from 1982-2021.
  • 2CD+DVD – DELUXE EDITIONA limited-edition with videos will be limited to 100 copies 2cd+dvd 
  • Fan box with limited edition two-CD, DVD, and t-shirt, stickers and numbered postcards inside a black box. Only 25 copies worldwide!

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