Belarusian Post-Punk Trio Molchat Doma have unveiled another video from their recently released album Monument. With the song “Zvezdy”, the band wear both their hearts and influences on their sleeves, not only by being perhaps one of the best songs on the album, but also being the most Kino-influenced track, perhaps even alluding to the track “Звезда” on Victor Tsoi and Co’s is the eighth and final studio release,  the “Black Album”, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this month.

With its English translation “Stars”, the video for “Zvezdy” is a poetic short film directed by Mikita Kostochko and filmed in the band’s home town of Minsk, Belarus. In it, we see a man in an orange jumpsuit, painting over graffiti while wistfully gazing at the stars, sun, and moon depicted on artistic murals that suffer the sad fate of erasure via roller brushstrokes under the city’s gray overcast skies.

Watch the video for “Zvezdy” below:

Molchat Doma’s Monument was one of our picks for’s Best of 2020 year-end list. Additionally, we spoke to the band, along with their friends in Ploho, about the current wave of post-punk acts from former Soviet Countries and the CIS.

Photo credit: Stas Kard

Monument is out now via Sacred Bones.

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