As previously promised with the announcement of the Bela Session EP, the Beggars Arkive imprint will continue the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Bauhaus this autumn with special limited-edition, colored-vinyl reissues of the Godfathers of Goth’s 4 studio LPs, as well as the 1982’s confiscated live bootleg that began an album  Press Eject and Give Me the Tape and the best of collection Crackle, which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The new vinyl pressings were mastered from HD audio files that were transferred from the original tapes. The first set of reissues are set for release on October 26th with the band’s 1980 debut album In the Flat Field coming on bronze vinyl and 1981’s Mask on yellow vinyl.

Next up, on November 23, is 1982’s The Sky’s Gone Out being issued on violet vinyl and the live album Press Eject and Give Me the Tape on white vinyl.

Lastly, on December 7th, 1983’s Burning on the Inside will be issued on blue vinyl and the 1998 compilation Crackle (now including a “Tomb Raider” mix of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”) is being re-released on “ruby ” vinyl, which is certainly a nod to the band’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

All of the vinyl reissues are available for pre-order on the Beggars Arkive website.

Bauhaus previously announced the release of a special edition Bela Session’s EP, included the Band’s debut single along with 4 other tracks, 3 being unreleased, all recorded during their original recording session at Beck Studios on January 26th, 1979.

Additionally, Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy and David J are hitting the road together this Autumn to celebrate Bauhaus’ 40th anniversary billed as the “The Ruby Celebration Tour”.

Below, see the tracklists and cover art of the new Bauhaus vinyl reissues.

Tracklist: Bauhaus, In the Flat Field (Bronze Vinyl)

  1. “Double Dare”
  2. “In The Flat Field”
  3. “A God In An Alcove”
  4. “Dive”
  5. “The Spy In The Cab”
  6. “Small Talk Stinks”
  7. “St.Vitus Dance”
  8. “Stigmata Martyr”
  9. “Nerves”

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Mask (Yellow Vinyl)

  1. “Hair of the Dog”
  2. “The Passion of Lovers”
  3. “Of Lilies and Remains”
  4. “Dancing”
  5. “Hollow Hills”
  6. “Kick in the Eye”
  7. “In Fear of Fear”
  8. “Muscle in Plastic”
  9. “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes”
  10. “Mask”

Tracklist: Bauhaus, The Sky’s Gone Out (Violet Vinyl)

  1. “Third Uncle”
  2. “Silent Hedges”
  3. “In the Night”
  4. “Swing the Heartache”
  5. “Spirit”
  6. “The Three Shadows, Part I”
  7. “The Three Shadows, Part II”
  8. “The Three Shadows, Part III”
  9. “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything”
  10. “Exquisite Corpse”

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Burning From the Inside (Blue Vinyl)

  1. “She’s In Parties”
  2. “Antonin Artaud”
  3. “Wasp”
  4. “King Volcano”
  5. “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight”
  6. “Slice Of Life”
  7. “Honeymoon Croon”
  8. “Kingdom’s Coming”
  9. “Burning From The Inside”
  10. “Hope”
  11. “Lagartija Nick ”
  12. “Here’s The Dub”
  13. “Departure”
  14. “The Sanity Assassin”

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Press Eject and Give Me the Tape (White Vinyl)

  1. “In the Flat Field” (February 1982 at The Old Vic, London)
  2. “Rose Garden Funeral of Sores” (February 1982 at The Old Vic, London)
  3. “Dancing” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  4. “The Man With X-Ray Eyes” – November 1981 at Hammersmith Palais, London
  5. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (February 1982 at The Old Vic, London)
  6. “The Spy in the Cab” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  7. “Kick in the Eye” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  8. “In Fear of Fear” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  9. “Hollow Hills” (February 1982 at The Old Vic, London)
  10. “Stigmata Martyr” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  11. “Dark Entries” (October 1981 at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool)
  12. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (December 1981 at Le Rose Bon Bon, Paris)
  13. “Double Dare” (December 1981 at Le Rose Bon Bon, Paris)
  14. “In the Flat Field” (December 1981 at Le Rose Bon Bon, Paris)
  15. “Hair of the Dog” (December 1981 at Le Rose Bon Bon, Paris)
  16. “Of Lillies and Remains” (December 1981 at Le Rose Bon Bon, Paris)
  17. Waiting for the Man” (October 1981 at Fagins, Manchester)

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Crackle: Best of Bauhaus (Ruby Vinyl)

  1. “Double Dare”
  2. “In the Flat Field”
  3. “The Sanity Assassin”
  4. “The Passion of Lovers”
  5. “She’s in Parties”
  6. “Kick In The Eye” (Single remix)
  7. “Ziggy Stardust”
  8. “Dark Entries”
  9. “Hollow Hills”
  10. “Mask”
  11. “Silent Hedges”
  12. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Tomb Raider mix)
  13. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”
  14. “Spirit” (Single version)
  15. “Burning From The Inside”
  16. “Crowds”

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