On October 19th, 1982, the godfathers of goth Bauhaus released their third studio album The Sky’s Gone Out. The album was named after the passage in the final track of LP, which was an exquisite corpse styled collaboration between all band members:

“Terry sat up and hugged the green army surplus bag around his skinny waist 
It was cold and the person beside him had faded badly 
Legs apart his eyes lit up the sky’s gone out, the sky, the sky
The sky’s gone out”

The sleeve was painted by guitarist Daniel Ash, and the record contained the single “Spirit”, a cover of Brian Eno’sThird Uncle”, the iconic Bauhaus tracks “Silent Hedges”, and “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything”, and the two funk-inspired tracks “Swing the Heartache”, and “In the Night”, with the former being used as the title for the band’s BBC Sessions compilation.

Watch the video for “Spirit” below:


  1. Third Uncle (Brian Eno cover)
  2. Silent Hedges
  3. In the Night
  4. Swing the Heartache
  5. Spirit
  6. The Three Shadows, Part I
  7. The Three Shadows, Part II
  8. The Three Shadows, Part III
  9. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  10. Exquisite Corpse

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