Batcave legends Alien Sex Fiend have announced their return with their 13th studio album Possessed. The record is Nik and Mrs. Fiend’s first new record in eight years, with their last LP being 2010’s Death Trip.

Two of the songs featured on possessed “Invisible” and “Carcass” — appeared on last year’s 3-disc Alien Sex Fiend anthology collection,  Fiendology: A 35 Year Trip Through Fiendish History 1982-2017 A.D. and Beyond.

The new album, due out November 9th, marks the band’s return to the Cherry Red Records following a series of albums on the band’s own imprint 13th Moon records: Nocturnal Emissions (1997), Information Overload (2004) and Death Trip (2010).

The album can be pre-ordered on CD and gatefold vinyl from Cherry Red, and also will be released digitally.

Alien Sex Fiend, emerged Batcave scene in London in 1982, during the birth of the Gothic subculture. There have been several lineup changes over the years, with the core of the band being co-founders Nik Fiend (Nick Wade) and Mrs. Fiend (Christine Wade).

Cherry Red has lauded the brand the new album as being: “heavily dosed with ASF’s genre-defying collage of pounding beats, speaker-shredding guitars, Mrs Fiend’s mutant analogue synthesizers and the surrealist chainsaw-psychiatry of frontman Nik Fiend.”

Sadly guitarist Simon “Doc” Martin, who had been a member of ASF during their peak from 1989 to 1992,  passed on September 22nd, 2016 (R.I.P.). Milton had recently rejoined the band for their 30th Anniversary of The Batcave tour in 2013.

Fortunately he lives on in Possessed, as the album features recordings from Doc himself!

Photo credit : Daniela Vorndran

Tracklist: Alien Sex Fiend, Possessed


  1. “Possessed” (Intro)
  2. “Shit’s Coming Down”
  3. “It’s In My Blood”
  4. “Carcass” *
  5. “Ghost In The Machine” *
  6. “Amnesia”
  7. “Spine-tingler”
  8. “Gotta Get Back”
  9. “Invisible” (The Beyond Mix)
  10. “Neutron” *
  11. “Bloody Reprisal”
  12. “Shit’s Coming Down” (Monster Mix)

* Mixes exclusive to the CD version


Side 1

  1. “Possessed Intro”
  2. “Shit’s Coming Down”
  3. “It’s In My Blood”
  4. “Carcass” (Carrion Mix) *

Side 2

  1. “Ghost In The Machine” (Depth Charge Mix) *
  2. “Amnesia”
  3. “Spine-tingler”

Side 3

  1. “Gotta Get Back”
  2. “Invisible” (The Beyond Mix)
  3. “Neutron” (Bomber Mix) *
  4. “Bloody Reprisal”

Side 5

Alternate Mixes

  1. “Carcass” (Vortex Mix) *
  2. “Invisible” (Elemental Mix) *
  3. “Shit’s Coming Down” (Monster Mix)

* Mixes exclusive to the vinyl version

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