[dropcap]Happy[/dropcap] 40th anniversary of Punk! Let’s all celebrate by lighting a cigar with an £100 note, or perhaps buy an overpriced band t-shirt at Barneys. You can get that Joy Division shirt with the Unknown Pleasures artwork that no university student, actor, or hipster would wear for a mere $225!
And for the price of two front row concert seats—a measly $175, you can also buy a shirt highlighting your fandom for The Cure, “made worn with white distressed cotton jersey”, wow!

Barney’s has a wide assortment of concert t-shirts for rich New York socialites to buy with mommy and daddy’s money, but me personally, I’d only pay $225 for a Joy Division shirt if it was the sparkly silver one that BARNEY himself wore while on tour with New Order recently.

h/t Brooklyn Vegan


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