“I hate this crazy world
Crystal castle-like”

Barcelona post-punk quartet Low Blows is unleashing a Pandora’s Box of frustrations with their new song “I Hate.” The introspective song reflects upon recent years living under constant global crisis – injustices and maladies that range from rights to inequity, peace to war, health to the pandemic, and education to disinformation. The plodding, dystopian soundscape showcases buzzy synths reminiscent of early Human League and Gary Numan, as well as post-punk guitars that bring to mind Joshua Tree-era U2. The droll chant of the lead singer unfurls a steady litany of rage.

“The track is a harsh interpretation of reality, because it was written at a time when the world was not up for celebration,” the band says. “It continues on in this state, but hopefully everything will change and advance for the better. We try to contribute to that change.”

The video for ‘I Hate,’ directed by Cristian Vidal and Amanda González, is a sinister, unsettling wander through the dark, encountering surreal visions, dreamscapes of the past, photo cameos of long-past ancestors, and the cleansing power of fire.

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