Barcelona’s Belgrado has just unveiled a one-minute teaser of their new song from their yet-to-be-named forthcoming LP. The single, Tu I Teraz, which translates as “Here And Now.” 

The band has indicated that they are almost finished composing the songs for the new album, which they hope to record before summer and release the record this year. The band has been working the last few months on adapting and composing their songs to a new setu: Belgrado’s standard instrumentation has changed a bit since their last release. Jonathan, formerly the drummer, now programs drums and plays synths, Fergu, the guitarist, has added synth duties. Louis is still on bass and Patrycja still wallops with her striking vocals. 

From what we hear, their creative decisions are proving to be a fruitful shift in their sound.

Art direction for the VHS-throwback style teaser of Tu i Teraz was made by Belgrado and Jonathan Sirit.

Watch the teaser below:

While we wait for the new album, the band have also announced CD versions of previous albums Obraz and Siglo XXI. Both are out now on their Bandcamp, being released through Bat-Cave Productions.

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