[dropcap]Boston’s[/dropcap] Radclyffe Hall is premiering today the video for their single Rather Be—shot by Jess Barnthouse of Wicked Bird Media.  The project fronted by Dhy Berry, was formed in 2014 while at university, and named after the english poet and author, Radclyffe Hall, best known best known for the novel The Well of Loneliness.

On choosing the name Dhy explains “She wrote some pretty controversial books in her day. I respect her work and thought it sounded like a pretty solid name for a band.”

The catchy pop infused post-punk litany is a simple composition questioning personas and personal identity, such as “the cool bassist”. or “crunchy  guitarist”.

In the video Dhy elaborates that “I tried to make each character have it’s own personality. Rather Be deals with the themes of duality between obligation and the want to do or be something else.

Ghosts is out June 7. Hear more from the band, here.


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