[dropcap]Azar Swan[/dropcap] have premiered the video for“Hush,” a track from their second album And Blow Us A Kiss, Watch the video above, and read a new interview with Zohra Atash over at Rookie Mag.

MEAGAN: One thing that really struck me when I was watching your performance at the Slutist’s Legacy of the Witch Festival was how you are so into collaborating with other awesome women doing awesome things. Like the costume designer Jenni Hensler. That’s great, because I think a lot of women feel like they’re in competition with other women. Can you talk about that?

ZOHRA ATASH: I’m actually the first female musician that Jenni Hensler worked with. She was at a bar, and we got talking, and got along really well. It was great to have someone who understood my aesthetic. I’ve always been very hands-on with anything that goes into my music or on my body. We also collaborated on the cover for my first record with my old band, Religious to Damn. We just went through my things and picked out little pieces, and it came together beautifully.

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