Avant-garde electronic music auteur Autumns returns to indie label DKA with the announcement of his second release this year with the cassette 8 track full-length album Foyle Living.

This release comes hot on the heels of the 6-track full length released earlier in 2019 titled Shortly after Nothing which was issued via Death and Leisure.

Showcased in the selection of tracks assembled on Foyle Living, is an even more experimental side of Autumns. which prior to listening, would be hard to imagine, given Christian Donaghey’s previous output.

Eight songs culled from recording and practice sessions that combine the aural aesthetics of early Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle pulse with dissonant energy. In this Autumns draws from a negative and almost nihilistic approach to music—not unlike the true meaning of the ethos “Industrial music for industrial people”.

The hard EBM and Techno Autumns produces pummels the audience with its onslaught while filling the dance floor.

Over the punchy kick drums and minimal basslines, Christian’s voice flows through distortion and echo without restraint. To see Autumns, live is akin to witnessing an electronic equivalent to a Birthday Party show in the 80s. And, like a young Nick Cave, Autumns end goal is a state in which the artist and audience gives into animal abandon.

The tracks “Don’t Get Serious” and “Your Expression is Irrelevant” are already available to listen to on Bandcamp.

Pre-order the album here—and check out the tour dates below.

Live Dates:

  • October 18th – New York – The Lot Radio ‪
  • October 18th – New York – Interzone Festival ‪W/ Kontravoid, and Physical Wash.
  • October 21st – Minneapolis – W/ Collin Gorman Weiland
  • October 22nd – Atlanta – 529 ‪W/ Twins, Collin Gorman Weiland, Fit of Body, and CRT/Anticipation B2B DJ
  • October 24th – Los Angeles – Non Plus Ultra ‪- W/ DIN, Panther Modern, and Lower Tar
  • October 25th – Los Angeles TBA – W/Silent Servant & Not Waving ‪
  • November 8th – Paris – TBA  ‪
  • November 9th – London – Electrowerkz

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