“I’m really in love with this release, but you might get abducted by aliens if you listen to it.” -OrangePeelMystic

Self-described as “extraterrestrial psych-pop, NYC musician OrangePeelMystic offers a unique flavour of noise trance “with a side-order of hotness and otherworldly glow.” Now, they announce the release of a new album, Dinosaurs & Megaphones.

The avant-garde album dips into the realm of darkwave, but the alien vocals, weird beats, and synth-heavy style is a haunting sonic gateway through an interdimensional portal. There’s rare moments of real lyrics, just transmissions of light language.

“Sonically it is subconsciously inspired by shows played with drummer e.Beet.z!,” says OrangePeelMystic, who divulges that they’ve secretly been performing some of the new album’s songs at past shows. “It takes OPM off the keyboard and into the audience,” they say. “Audience interaction is something OPM has been hoping to incorporate more as performances have become high energy and semi-theatrical.”

For a little morsel of OrangePeelMystic’s performance style, here’s a video for HIGH ONE. The spectacle brings to mind the performance aspect of Fad Gadget, melded with the strange vocalizations of Björk, Elizabeth Fraser, Grimes, Zola Jesus, and even a dash of Laurie Anderson. it’s transformative music – and not for the faint of heart. It’s best experienced with her performances of ecstatic dance, which anchors it into a physical body. There is a tribal element to Dinosaurs & Megaphones, but nothing earthly: this is the music Venusians make as Valentines for the souls of Saturn.

Watch below:

OrangePeelMystic congealed in January 2013, with e.Beet.z on drums and orangepeelmystic on keys and vocals. “

I usually compose songs organically starting with a beat, or directly from dreams,” she says. “There was always a keyboard or piano around growing up, but I didn’t start really getting serious until I bought a SP555 sampler in 2012. I first created very experimental music…then independently made ambient music. Things started getting more serious…as e.beet.z and I went totally electronic. Now we are back to the beginning with e.Beet.z on acoustic drums and I on keys.”

Listen to and order the album below:

 Catch the mystic in New York City:

  • 2/15/23 The Bowery Electric
  • 2/16/23 RUBULAD
  • 2/24/23 Wrong Brain
  • 3/15/23 Berlin
  • 3/16/23 No Fun
  • 3/17/23 Radio Bean
  • 3/18/23 10 Forward
  • 3/19/23 PVD TBA
  • 4/2/23 Union Pool
  • 4/30/23 The Jungle

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