‘Keep kicking against the pricks’

Hailing from Derry Northern, Ireland, Christian Donaghey’s electronic music project Autumns  is set to release its debut full length record Suffocating Brothers via Scottish experimental label Clan Destine Records later this month.

Suffocating Brothers was written and produced over the course of six months—between July and December 2016—and follows the release of singles, EPs and a Mini LP, appearing on labels such as Soft Power Records, CF Records, Regis’ Downwards label. 

Above is the partially demagnetized lo-fi vhs styled video for the track No More Luxury, a track laden with a hypnotic railgun of EBM styled beats and Industrial Noise field recordings that hints at the projects post-punk and shoegaze origins. To those not reading nor watching the video above, this is a track surely to be high on the list of club patrons approaching the DJ to ask: “WTF did I just dance to!?”

Also check out the premiere of Focused Youth that was debuted over at The Brvtalist last month.

Suffocating Brothers is released September 23rd on Clan Destine Records

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