Australian post-punk outfit RBRNRSE (RUBBER NURSE) returns with their shadowy and atmospheric video for “Darkwaver”.

RBRNRSE, comprised of members Steven Stuart, Swerve Harris (and other collaborators), include the haunted psychedelic reverie as side two on their “Supernova” double A-side single, the followup to their previous outing “Latex Lucy / Covered up in Chrome”.

“Supernova” was composed as a duet for a friend of the band SonZad, who is known for her work in the Sydney femme fatale band HOTEL “It was written about a dream, meeting someone you desire from afar for the first time, existential attraction, or cosmic horror show?”

The song featured in the video, “Darkwaver,” is a spectral storm of ghostly guitars, charging like ions emanating from the ground into a stormcloud. This aural effect is visualized as lightning that frames the band as they drone on with angular melodies and pulsing mono-synths.

Watch the video for ‘Darkwaver” below:

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