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LA-based post-punk outfit Death Bells, a project helmed by Australians Will Canning and Remy Veselis, have unveiled their video for the hypnotic “Lifespring”, a chanted mantra from their third full-length album, Between Here & Everywhere, due for release on July 29th via Dais Records.

The enchanting track is a scenic journey laden with sombre and bleak minimalist poetry. With its thoughtful lyrics, the sprechstimme composition lambasts the foibles of humanity’s carelessness on this planet, while bringing to mind the music of Tom Vek, And Also the Trees, and Fad Gadget, with some of the cadences of Grauzone. Sounding unlike anything else in their growing catalog, this new single further highlights the creative versatility of both Canning and Veselis.

The simple video for “Lifespring” depicts a motorcycle traversing a bleak landscape with mountains in the background, a visual beautifully illustrating the ideas explored in the song.

“We initially wrote Lifespring at a friend’s studio, before the last record was even an idea,” says Canning. “The lyrical inspiration came from reading about a fairly spurious organization of the same name that were around until the mid-90s. Musically, it feels very different from anything we’ve done before; sleazier, groovier.”

Watch the video for “Lifespring” below:

Formed in 2015 in Sydney, Australia, Death Bells released their sophomore full-length (and Dais Records debut) New Signs of Life in September of 2020.  In direct response to the pandemic, Death Bells secluded themselves at Bombay Beach to record and release five live recordings of songs from New Signs of Life in April of 2021—  which resulted in Live from Bombay.

Between Here & Everywhere features nine new songs as well as accompaniment by a cast of contributors on keys, strings, piano, and operatic backup vocals. The album was recorded with Colin Knight at Paradise Studios, and mixed by Mike Kriebel at Golden Beat.

Previously, the band debuted the singles “Intruder”, and “Passerby”, which are both included on the LP. Collectively, the album promises a glimpse at the cross-section of Southern California’s many hidden interzones; shadowy spaces obscured from the overt opulence and fame.

Between Here & Everywhere sets out to map the potent mess of Los Angeles,” says Canning of his adopted city. The lyrics are categorized as “narrative, but not autobiographical,” born of intrigue, intimacy, and a sense of “looking outward.”

The new album is out on July 29th.

Pre-Order here in North America through Dais Records, and Internationally here.

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