Australian garage-noise-punk band KAI CULT is back with another banger “Massive Checks”. The garage-noise-punk project of Louis Fuji is continuing along after the successes of the first two singles “Trippin'” and “Fix My Head”, with the release of their first EP (Rock Never Die).

“Massive Checks” is a dystopian party punk anthem for the current times – for those stuck in, and struck by, the post-capitalist world that’s currently on fire and falling apart.

A relatable, and poignant jab at the struggle of living within a cold, cruel, and uncaring society that is leaning towards nationalism and far-right ideologies.

“Massive Checks” calls out to all those, stuck in a system that takes more than it gives, a rebellious singalong for those wanting more. The grinding and driving bass and atmospheric guitar lend a dark and foreboding tone to the lyrical content, and leaves the listener feeling the need to scream along.

Keeping to true DIY vibes, Louis has been front and centre when it comes to the production, development, and delivery of all of the musical and visual content – from recording to video production.

With a rough- around the edges approach, KAI CULT never shy away from filth – and revel in the lo-fi nature of outsider music.

The video for MASSIVE CHECKS follows suit – it’s chaotic, seizure-inducing, and overtly odd – sticking to the KAI CULT brand of meme-able content.

There’s no cryptic bullshit – or overly poetic prose – it’s a real, driving, and engaging tune – wrapped up in some tongue in cheek and deliberately fun lyrics.

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