Australian Electropunk Artist Goo Munday ignites in her video for “Start a Fire”, a new single to be featured on her debut album 9 Lives, set for release on March 15th on Negative Gain.

The video unapologetically showcases the youthful energy, aggression, and hedonism in a house party like setting reminiscent of the first four series of BBC’s Skins meets David Lynch.

“Start A Fire is about burning all of one’s baggage, surrendering oneself to the inevitability of chaos head on, without fear or any sense of doubt. The music video is a celebration of youth, power, aggression and embracing the inner madness that society tries to dilute.”

-Goo Munday

Watch the video below:

The Sydney based producer—Goo Munday—will be traveling to the states to perform at this year’s SXSW on March 16th to promote her debut album 9 Lives alongside synth artist Mr.Kitty and Dark-wave duo Twin Tribes.

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