Because when you’re with me
My lungs can finally breathe

Austin, Texas post-punk outfit Haunt Me returns with two new singles heralding the release of their forthcoming 6-song summer EP set for release this July.

The name of the first new single is “Please Stay”, and it’s a jangly indie-pop tune whose message of joyful love is wrapped in the kind melancholic overtones that permeate the bedroom when two lovers, often separated by vast distances, must part after a heartfelt romantic interlude.

“Some people may listen to this song and assume it is a sad song but in fact, it is quite the opposite,” explains vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Darius Davila.”

“This song is written from the perspective of someone in a bit of a long-distance relationship or in a situation where they can’t see their significant other very often. And this someone is in love with a person and dreads being away from them and dreads when their significant other has to leave back to their home which is far away. I think anyone who has ever had an amazing day with their partner and never wanted it to end will be able to strongly relate to this song. Because in a situation like that, you want that perfect moment with that special person to last forever.”

Listen to  “Please Stay” below:

The second single, “Dopamine,” is a seductive track that treads into dionysian realms of passion and lust with its darker shade of post-punk. Driven by serpentine bass and tactile guitar riffs, the windswept melody churns around resonate vocals that saturate the air with the same suave lamentation first made famous by Roxy Music.

Listen to “Dopamine” below:

Haunt Me’s 6-song summer EP is set to be released on 7/1/22.

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